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Why Partner with us

Why Realtors Partner with us

We provide financing solutions to those borrowers that banks rejects.  The banks reasoning for rejecting these loans could be any or all of the following

  • Your borrower is self-employed
  • Your borrower filed Bankruptcy
  • Your borrower credit score is low
  • Your borrower’s Property is unique
  • Your borrower does not show sufficient income

Stalled tactics: The banks would endlessly request for more documents until you and your borrower get tire and give up.


We provide mortgage financing via our proprietary mortgage fund –  Non-Q M Programs/ 1-4 Family Units, Commercial Program, Soft Money Program, and Private Money Programs

You keep the absolute relationship with your clients, and not us.

We also provide financing support to Realtors, Investors, Traditional Banks- business bankers, Bank Managers, Bank Relationship Managers, CPAs, and Referring Partners.

 Why Bankers partner with us

We have a mutual goal and commitment to acquire new clients and retain them as well by providing excellent customer service. Doing trivial things like simply answering your phone when customer calls, texting the customer back, and replying your email promptly.

What we can achieve as partners

  • We will highly recommend our clients to establish deposit account relationship with you
  • We will highly recommend bankable borrower to you, and nonprofit clients
  • We will highly recommend our clients who are business owners to you for business financing
  • We will refer these clients back to you as soon as they become bankable again

What we expect from our partnership

We expect you to highly recommend your non-bankable loans to us in return

-Declined loans
-No tax returns, No paystubs

-Low credit score
-Unique property type

-High Loan Ratio

-Insufficient income
-Foreign National with or without Social Security Number

In 2017 we referred 10M loans to our bank partners, and the funded 4.8M

For YTD, we have referred 12M loan to our bank partners, and they funded 5.2M so far.

If you share these common values and would like to increase your revenue this year, contact us today!